Sotiris Nousias

Welcome to my website! I am Sotiris, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Toronto working with Prof. Kyros Kutulakos. My current research focuses on imaging and 3D reconstruction under low light conditions.

Prior to UofT, I obtained my PhD from UCL under the supervision of Dr. Christos Bergeles. During my PhD, I conducted research on structure from motion with light fields. Centuries ago, I worked on state estimation for legged robots under the supervision of Prof. Evangelos Papadopoulos.

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I'm interested in computer vision, computational photography and neural fields. My current research revolves around photon cameras, a cutting-edge technology capable of detecting the tiniest unit of light - the photon. I'm excited about coming up with new ways to process signals from photon cameras, so we can see the world in never-before-seen ways.

Passive Ultra-Wideband Single-Photon Imaging
Mian Wei*, Sotiris Nousias*, Rahul Gulve , David B. Lindell, Kiriakos N. Kutulakos
* Joint first authors.
ICCV 2023, Marr Prize (best paper award)
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We introduce a novel theory and method that passively captures a dynamic scene once and allows re-rendering of video across 9+ orders of magnitude in time.

Transient Neural Radiance Fields for Lidar View Synthesis and 3D Reconstruction
Anagh Malik, Parsa Mirdehghan, Sotiris Nousias, Kiriakos N. Kutulakos, David B. Lindell
NeurIPS 2023, Spotlight
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We introduce a method to do novel view lidar synthesis, allowing sparse view scene reconstruction.

Design and quasistatic modelling of hybrid continuum multi-arm robots
Zisos Mitros, S.M.Hadi Sadati, Sotiris Nousias, Lyndon Da Cruz, Christos Bergeles
ICRA 2022

Novel design and modelling of continuum robots for robotic surgery.

From Calibration to Large-Scale Structure from Motion with Light Fields
Sotirios D. Nousias
University College London, 2021

PhD Thesis

Examiners: Prof. Andrew Davison, Dr Fransisco Vasconcelos

A linear approach to absolute pose estimation for light fields
Sotiris Nousias, Manolis Lourakis, Pearse Keane, Sebastien Ourselin, Christos Bergeles
3DV 2020

Absolute pose estimation for light fields using 4 correspondences.

Large-scale, metric structure from motion for unordered light fields
Sotiris Nousias, Manolis Lourakis, Christos Bergeles
CVPR 2019

Large scale structure from motion framework for metric 3D reconstruction using light fields.

A Theory of Fermat Paths for Non-Line-of-Sight Shape Reconstruction
Shumian Xin, Sotiris Nousias, Kyriakos N. Kutulakos, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan, Srinivasa G. Narasimhan, Ioannis Gkioulekas
CVPR 2019, Best Paper Award
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NLOS shape reconstruction.

Part-to-whole Registration of Histology and MRI using Shape Elements
Jonas Pichat, Juan Eugenio Iglesias, Sotiris Nousias , Tarek Yousry, Sebastien Ourselin, Marc Modat
ICCV Workshops 2017

Registration of different modalities in medical images using level-lines.

Corner-based Geometric Calibration of Multi-focus plenoptic cameras
Sotiris Nousias, Francois Chadebecq, Jonas Pichat, Pearse Keane, Sebastien Ourselin, Christos Bergeles
ICCV 2017
code / supplementary

Calibration of plenoptic cameras using checkerboards.

Quadruped Robot Roll and Pitch Estimation using an Unscented Kalman Filter
Sotiris Nousias, Evangelos Papadopoulos
Med. Conf. on Control and Automation 2016

Estimation of a quadruped's roll and pitch using an IMU and leg kinematics.

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